Викторина о Великобритании
Great Britain

  1. What do the letters MP stand for?
  2. Which is the minimum voting age in the UK?
  3. What is "The Woolsack"?
  4. Who are called "the Tories" and who are called "the Whigs"?
  5. What do the letters BBC stand for?
  6. What is Fleet Street famous for?
  7. What are the main countries of the UK and their capitals?
  8. Which river is associated with the name of Shakespeare?
  9. Which is the longest river in the UK?
  10. What masterpieces of architecture in Great Britain do you know?
  11. Who is the architect of London? Which is his best-known creation?
  12. What plays written by Shakespeare do you know?
  13. Where is the Royal Shakespeare Company?
  14. What British rock and pop groups do you know?
  15. What English painters do you know?
  16. What do you know about the habit of tea drinking in Britain?
  17. What do children leave at the end of their beds on Christmas Eve and why?
  18. What three articles was the first footer required to carry?
  19. Which kind of sports in England can you name?
  20. Which place in Britain is associated with lawn tennis championships?
  21. What ancient university cities do you know?
  22. Where is the Queen's residence in London?
  23. What can tourists see there every day?
  24. Where would you find Speaker's Corner?
  25. Name the Parks in London.
  26. What do you know about the system of education in Great Britain?
  27. What holidays in UK do you know? Please, tell us about one of them.
  28. Why is Big Ben called so?
  29. What street is the home of British Press?
  30. The ancient building in London is famous for "Whispering Gallery". By the way its creator is buried under its roof. What is the building and what is the name of the architect?