Викторина о празднике Рождество
Christmas quiz

  1. When do people celebrate Christmas Day? (December 25th)
  2. He was born on Christmas Day. (Jesus Christ)
  3. Why do we celebrate Christmas? (Jesus was born)
  4. Where does Santa live? (Lapland, North Pole)
  5. What animal pulls Santa's sleigh? (reindeer)
  6. Rudolph is one of these. (reindeer)
  7. Santa carries presents in this. (the bag)
  8. You can find your presents under this. (Christmas tree)
  9. You need this kind of weather for a white Christmas. (snow)
  10. Children sing them in the streets and at home. (carols)
  11. Santa put his presents for children in this. (stockings)
  12. Father Christmas rides in this. (sledge)
  13. Traditional food for Christmas dinner. (turkey, pudding, apples)
  14. Christmas decorations for Christmas tree. (coloured balls, toys, sweets, candles, lights)
  15. The three kings followed this. (star)
  16. Where was Jesus born? (a stable)
  17. Mary and Joseph went there, but there was no room at the hotel. (Bethlehem)
  18. Gabriel was an ______. (angel)
  19. This was a gift to Jesus from one of the three kings. (gold)
  20. Which Saint is associated with Christmas across Europe? (St. Nicholas)
  21. These little people help Santa. (dwarfs)
  22. Who are Santa's helpers? (elves)
  23. Which plant do you kiss people under at Christmas? (mistletoe)
  24. You pull this before you eat your Christmas dinner. (cracker)
  25. People open their presents and gifts in this day. (Boxing Day)

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