Достопримечательности Лондона
London's sights

  1. What is London? Is it the capital of England?
  2. How many people do live and work there?
  3. Is it a center of business and for tourism/a center of culture and politic?
  4. On which river is London situated?
  5. How many streets are there in London now?
  6. What is Oxford Street?
  7. Which park is the largest in London?
  8. How many bridges are there over the Thames?
  9. How many cities are there in fact in London?
  10. What is the City?
  11. Can you say what interesting places are there in the City?
  12. What places of interest can you find in Westminster?
  13. What is Westminster Abbey?
  14. What is Big Ben?
  15. What bridge is near the Houses of Parliament?
  16. Where does the Queen of England live?