Особые дни в Британии
Special days in Britain

  1. A New Year's resolution is … .
    1. something you will try to do better next year;
    2. a card you send to your family and friends to wish them Happy New Year;
    3. a kind of cake eaten on January 1st.
  2. Boxing Day is … .
    1. a day when boxing matches are held;
    2. a national holiday in England and Wales, on the first day after Christmas Day that is not a Sunday;
    3. a day when people send on another boxes of food.
  3. A Bank Holiday is … .
    1. a public holiday;
    2. a holiday for those who work in banks;
    3. a holiday on May 1st.
  4. Independence Day … .
    1. is when England united with Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland;
    2. is the same day as the day World War II ended;
    3. doesn't exist in Britain.
  5. Mother's Day is … .
    1. when mothers get presents and cards;
    2. when mothers do not have to go to work;
    3. when mothers send presents and cards to their children.
  6. Remembrance Day is … .
    1. when we remember the Royal Family;
    2. when we remember those who died in the World Wars;
    3. a public holiday in November.
  7. Good Friday is … .
    1. when we give thanks for English saint - Saint George;
    2. when we celebrate the Queen's birthday;
    3. the Friday before Easter.
  8. Hogmany is … .
    1. a traditional holiday dish;
    2. the Scottish name for New Year's Eve;
    3. a holiday spent in summer.